Getting Rid of The Yeast From the Body

This was written by Kelley Eidem
It might have started when you were two years old when your mom took you to the doctor for a stuffy nose. The doctor, prescribed an antibiotic, and you were on the slow road to food cravings.

In many cases, your mom had to return because your stuffy nose returned. Antibiotics have a tendency to do that…cause a rebound many weeks later. So, you got another antibiotic.

Or it might have been birth control pills, or steroid medications. Those drugs and probably others, kill our friendly bacteria.

Big deal, right? Eat a little yogurt and everything is okay again. At least that is what you were told. But it’s not true.

The antibiotics will kill the friendly bacteria in the yogurt even if you eat it 12 hours apart.

Secondly, by the time you stop taking the antibiotics, the yeast in the intestines has spread and grown roots and it’s not going to leave no matter how much yogurt you eat.

Picture, if you will, once friendly yeast that has grown tentacles.

Here’s the deal: your friendly bacteria and your yeast compete for space like plants in the forest. The yeast wants to stay put and advance.

Now here’s the Huge Health Secret you’ve been waiting for! (Actually I’m about to spring several more on you, so this is just the first one.)

Yeast lives on sugar…and so does your brain!

The yeast in your tummy gets first dibs on almost any sugar you eat. Meanwhile, your brain cells need sugar to live.

Your brain is literally screaming at you, “HEY, I’M DYING UP HERE! GET ME SOMETHING TO EAT!”

So what is your brain going to do? Well, your brain is the boss, so your brain is going to walk you to the refrigerator and drive you to the store to get some more sugar and/or carbs.

Before going any further, let me remind you of this unfortunate part about yeast. They swell. Since they are in your tummy, they swell your tummy.

That is soooooo attractive.

Of course, it doesn’t help matters that when you eat extra food, you’re getting more calories, and probably empty ones at that.

Are you getting the picture here. If you have too much yeast, any diet plan is doomed to fail, or your brain will fail if you succeed.

The fungal yeast is in your tummy to stay for decades…

Once you get too much yeast it will not leave on its own. Not in a year, not in ten years, not in your lifetime. And as long as it is there, it’s going to win sooner or later.

I don’t know many people who can use their will power to starve out the yeast, do you? Besides, it’s cruel to your brain to do that. Which helps to explain why diets without enough carbs can leave a person feeling depressed…their brain is starving.

Your effortless cure…

But don’t worry, there is an answer that puts you back in charge. It comes in three parts, and there is often a fourth part.

First, kill the yeast. All this stuff is available at any health food store. To do that, get yourself a combination of olive leaf extract and caprylic acid and take it for about two months.

Second, you need to restore the friendly bacteria. For this, I like a product called “PB-8.” Don’t skimp on this part. Be sure you get a really excellent multi-strain probiotic. Primal Defense is another good one. So is Dr. Ohiras probiotic.

You’ll want to keep taking a good probiotic, ideally for the rest of your life. That’s because unlike 150 years ago, we rarely eat fermented foods any more.

As I mentioned above, yeast and friendly bacteria compete for space. If you run low on your bacteria, the yeast can move back in.

The PB-8 might result in a quick loss of 5 pounds in the first week.

The third thing is to patch the holes left by the yeast. If you don’t patch them, you’ll end up with allergies, parasites running amok, and a whole lot more, all of it bad.

To do this, get yourself some glutamine powder, take a teaspoon in water twice a day. Another excellent alternative, even better than glutamine by itself is a product called IntestiNew.

Either one will work. the IntestiNew works a little faster.

The fourth thing you’ll probably want is a good multi-enzyme. When yeast is overrunning us, our digestion often gets stressed, and it needs some help.

You take those when you eat. They help to prevent bloating and discomfort.

People often ask me which ones they should start with first. I started with all the products at the same time. They work better when taken together.

It’s economical, too…

This whole program will cost less than $100 the first month, about $50 to 60 the second month, and only $20 a month by the third month.

You’ll end up seeing the doctor a whole lot less, so be sure subtract those costs from the 4 part program. Also be sure to subtract the costs of those expensive treats you just had to have but no longer want. One less soft drink a day or Starbucks coffee means my program saves you money instead of costing you money.

Effortless, effortless, effortless…

In my experience, what happens is that rather than seeing a gradual lessening of the cravings, you go along for a while, and you wonder is this program going to work? Then one day, it is like a light switch…your cravings completely vanish into thin air.

I still recall looking at lowly vegetables in the produce aisle, and thinking, “Wow, those look good!” Meanwhile, I literally would forget to go to the ice cream aisle.

It’s your natural heritage to crave the foods that are good for you. But that can only happen if you get your yeast under control.

Animals in the forest aren’t half as smart as you are, yet they are able to keep to their normal weight without effort. That’s because they’ve never been given antibiotics.;-)

You become “unbloated”…

Your experience might be different than mine. But you will feel so much freer and lighter, and “unbloated” if that is a word, once you rid yourself of excess yeast and restore your friendly bacteria.

I’d like to know how you do, so please leave a comment to inspire others with your success.

Thank you and the best to you.

Kelley Eidem

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