Food – Advice from Eckhart Tolle

Of course, like lots of people these days, I’m reading “A New Earth” by Eckhart Tolle.
Liking the book so much, I started watching Oprah’s program and decided to explore even more, so I was just looking at Tolle’s web site. There, he has a “Dear Eckhart” section with questions from people and his answers.
I found this question and answer, and I felt I have to share this with anyone reading my blog.

I am a devoted listener of your words and the space in between them. I along with many others I know are wondering what kind of food diet you recommend in assisting our realization of present moment? Strictly vegetarian or are animal products ok?

I recommend listening to the body. When you look at a food item (or imagine ingesting it) become still and alert. You will then feel the body either opening up (saying “yes”) or you may notice a slight contraction, which means the body is saying “no”. The body knows more about food than your mind ever will.

Wow…. this is sooo true! IF we could just be very alert of everything is about to end up in our mouth, meaning in our body, we would know better what to eat and what to avoid.

Osho on vegetarian food

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